I’m not easy impressed but Beyoncé hit all bases and got a homerun with this one! Last night HBO aired her visual album, Lemonade. I just happened to turn it to HBO right at 9pm et. with no previous knowledge of its airing tonight (I’m pretty sure my ancestors conspired to make sure Id seen it).

Something about Beyonces newfound mommy/wifey confidence makes it a pleasure to absorb all of that emotional thrill that comes along with knowing what you are as a woman, a black woman in particular, is special. This is so profound because as she shows in the beginning; black women are the most hated and hated on women in America. The most objectified and desexualized in slavery (mammy) then oversexualized in today’s society. 

Women left to deal with the tampered spirits of black men after an attempt to emasculate in every way our men in slavery and now we have to deal with upright eradication in our homes maybe even our sons as she had shown in the scene with the mothers holding pictures of their slain children at the hands of “authorities”, no tears in their eyes just the pain of squeezing life’s lemons into lemonade. 

The one point Beyoncé made sure to pay homage to the women that were the backbone of the family, even in an apparent patriarch the women often unsung heroes made the most of what they were given; hence turning lemons to sweet lemonade. Last night I observed an attempt to make every woman that hasn’t already, recognize their strength, resilience, and innovation needed to take life’s intestines and make chitterlings out of em or lemons and lemonade💁🏽 🍋

They ain't shit 🍋🐝👏🏾

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