Little known fact about me is I’m a writer and have been my entire life. My first published poem was in elementary school. I grew in love with poetry through my adolescence and fully flourished in my early adulthood. Lately I’ve been feeling the paper and pen call me from a webbed corner of my soul. I’m a poet. That is my reality and I miss being a yogi with my words, stretching and pushing past my fears and expectations. Tonight I find myself with the cruelest bout of writers block, it’s been years since I’ve written a poetic thing. A tornado of fear and inadequacy take over. I search frantically for YouTube videos of the Poetry slams I’ve attended, and it is true, you must look back to move forward, Sankofa. As I relived the moments I had first heard certain poems, I felt a Phoenix arise within and the words now flow like fabric. Ase. 

My inspiration on this night and past:

There’s many I wanted to post that I couldn’t find but I know they’ll come at the right time. This will be an open, ongoing post. New inspo always welcome!