So I was cleaning out the bathroom cabinets and I discovered an untouched bottle of organic flaxseed oil capsules I’d neglected to the back.

I couldn’t find a date of expiration but I couldn’t bring myself to take them orally, remembering the smell of a flax-scented belch and taste thereafter was completely discouraging. I decided my skin, being my largest organ could absorb it instead. I massaged it into my scalp and other dry areas due to the harshness of the weather and hard water influence.

I’d pierced six capsules that I massaged into my warm water-rinsed hair; it acted as a mask for 5-6mins then I lightly washed with Shea Moisture shampoo and ran a wide tooth comb thru in the shower and Voila! gorgeous coils primped for a cool day💁🏾

 Great for any hair type! Doesn’t leave a residue in the tub (surprisingly) and leaves hair with no noticeable lasting smell (as olive oil does)! Found a list of some great health benefits of Flax Seed Oil including treatment for hair loss and reducing damage and breakage:

Also here’s a simple DIY gel many seem to like on Pinterest.