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February 2016

Earthling PSA

Never knew about brown rice, spring water, or the sand but it all makes perfect sense. Detoxification 101  


Saints & Strangers

Some flying…


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The Presidential candidate debates

 👽 #POV #everythingisrelative  

That one Break Science show in Live Oak..💭🌲🎵

It’s the way that we rock when we doin our ting… 

Saturday Night Boogie

Market Value


Soulfood: Poetry & Spoken Word

Little known fact about me is I’m a writer and have been my entire life. My first published poem was in elementary school. I grew in love with poetry through my adolescence and fully flourished in my early adulthood. Lately I’ve been feeling the paper and pen call me from a webbed corner of my soul. I’m a poet. That is my reality and I miss being a yogi with my words, stretching and pushing past my fears and expectations. Tonight I find myself with the cruelest bout of writers block, it’s been years since I’ve written a poetic thing. A tornado of fear and inadequacy take over. I search frantically for YouTube videos of the Poetry slams I’ve attended, and it is true, you must look back to move forward, Sankofa. As I relived the moments I had first heard certain poems, I felt a Phoenix arise within and the words now flow like fabric. Ase. 

My inspiration on this night and past:

There’s many I wanted to post that I couldn’t find but I know they’ll come at the right time. This will be an open, ongoing post. New inspo always welcome!

A guide to Probiotics

Most notable Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics boost immune response by inhibiting growth of pathogenic organisms
Probiotics detoxify the intestinal tract by protecting intestinal mucosa levels

Probiotics develop a barrier to food-borne allergies

Probiotics neutralize antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria

Probiotics reduce cancer risk

Probiotics reduce the risk of inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) and diverticulosis

Probiotics balance and regulate the immune system

Probiotics helps to reduce estrogen dominance.

Probiotics synthesize needed vitamins for healing

Probiotics prevent diarrhea by improving digestion of proteins and fats

Probiotics reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Probiotics support balanced mental and emotional health.

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