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January 2016

App Spotlight

So I was on online and uncovered this awesome app: StyleBook 

I figure it’s the new year time to debut the beautiful ensembles I’ve neglected (some of which with the tag still on) due to disorganization in the closet! 
Best Feature: it’s a Timesaver. 

SN: add me @MomishLS on Pinterest to gain depth into my goals, dreams, and lifestyle embellishments!) Here are some other apps I can recommend to help you feel fab and free!

Top 5 Apps for Home Organization and lifestyle planning per Vogue):


So this exists…

   Apparently they paired with Shazaam. I’ll definitely be using this!

App Spotlight

So, I’ve fallen for FabLife, the daytime show  with Chrissy Tiegen!

I’ve only caught the show a handful of times but I’m not really a daytime TV gal. The show completely gives daytime TV a makeover though. One of the sectors of the show features the hosts fav apps. I’m following suit!

*whatever apps I feel can help you all succeed in your pursuits, I will share.


The first of its kind:

Dashlane password  manager & secure digital wallet

-For the type to have a few different passwords and throw off the scent of an amateur hacker.

-Best feature: Finger print enabling

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